in Motion

The Wayamo Foundation and the Rule of Law Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung are proud to present a video gallery featuring judges and experts who address the problem of how to achieve justice and accountability for international and transnational organised crimes. This video gallery affords an opportunity to reflect on and discuss the challenges of adjudicating cases involving these crimes in Africa.

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Perspectives from the courtroom and beyond

The expert participants in International Justice in Motion examine the opportunities and challenges involved in adjudicating complex international crimes, whether prosecuted as international crimes, transnational organised crimes (such as terrorist offences), or ordinary domestic crimes.

This virtual gallery brings together judges from international and domestic courts, along with some senior international prosecutors.

Participating experts reflect on issues relating to judicial independence and the rule of law in the adjudication of cases concerning international crimes.  This is a persistent and central concern in efforts to address international crimes. Consideration of judicial independence is particularly important in this context because these crimes are often committed as part of political or armed struggles involving governments. Such crimes will thus typically be committed by either state agents or their non-state adversaries.

We welcome all observers – legal practitioners, diplomats, members of the media, academics and  students alike – to join in the conversation, learn from those on the front line of accountability, and contribute to the effort to achieve justice for international and transnational crimes.